How to strengthen the child's immunity

Did your child go to school and immediately get sick? Decreased concentration, poor memory? So, you need to strengthen the immune system so that autumn and winter pass without diseases!

Nature falls into hibernation, and the child also sleeps on the go. And he needs to learn to read and write - to prepare for school! What foods are good for immunity, better concentration and memory development?

The child will definitely like this news: it turns out that the brain “loves” pineapples very much - both whole and freshly squeezed: they strengthen memory better than other fruits. Peach and apple juice are very useful for the nervous system. By the way, squeezing juice is not necessary: ​​you can just give your child an orange or an apple - the effect will be the same!

How to strengthen the immunity of a student: 7 effective ways /

How to increase the immunity of a student

caraway tea (a teaspoon of grains per cup) will help your baby easily memorize verses. Distracted attention? Offer your child chicory coffee. Or just let them chew caraway crackers, a crust of Borodino bread sprinkled with caraway seeds, or a piece of ginger. By the way, it can be added to tea.

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Tea with lemongrass. For a lethargic baby who hardly gets up in the morning, brew tea with lemongrass or red meadow clover inflorescences for breakfast (to remember more information). For a hyperactive child who gets tired of himself, offer herbal tea with mint, lemon balm, chamomile or sage. Offer some nuts - good for the intellect!

A handful of raisins, pear or figs stimulate mental activity. Bananas, grapes, quince, black currants, strawberries, wild strawberries, borage, coriander, basil and celery have the same effect. Do you want your baby to grasp everything on the fly? Sometimes he does not succeed for physiological reasons, for example, due to a deficiency of vitamin C.

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Watch the video in which Dr. Komarovsky will explain how immunity can actually be improved in children and adults.

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