An American gave birth to a child on the live air: її urged to take away the doctors

The American Natosha Kramer survived an unforgettable summer fall: she was encouraged to take a shelter to the shelter through flu.

As the Daily Mail says, the Americans, in terms of vagity, made an ultrasound scan, the stench pumped the child in flat paths, wrote off the pain for the manifestation of shlunkovogo flu and were admitted to the hospital. Natosha was embarrassed and went home, wanting to feel the closeness of the slopes.
For a sprat of years, the essences of the past have been overpowered. On the same day I gave birth to my daughter Nola at the baths. I gave birth without any assistance to the medical staff. I live alone, I don’t know how the furnishing would have stacked up, yakbi dads didn’t see me today. The stinks themselves assisted for a mere half hour, wanting not a few daily skills to educate.

In the future, my mother broadcast the entire process on the side of the social network, in order to remember shokhvilin and show how extreme the everyday life of a vaginal woman is. The video suddenly became viral on the Internet.

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I couldn’t believe in the beginning that they were talking, the fathers said that it’s already a child’s head to shake, but I still cheered for the words of the doctors, that it’s the flu. Ale, everything became smoother!
It is also noteworthy that Natosha's father was trying to call out doctors, if the canopies had already started, but the stench came only at that moment, if it was necessary to cut the umbilical cord.

Fortunately, the ease of the hour did not winklo.


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