What to take care of your breasts during the hour of pregnancy: TOP-5 important moments

Breasts are an intimate place for a skin girl. Especially in this way you begin to respect the future matusya, even if you change us, you will become more aware yourself in your zone.

Today we tell you, what changes from the breasts you check when vagity. Golovna - do not panic, but rather enjoy the process.

Get better

We are going to bump into the expansion of your breasts. Under the influx of hormones, there will be a rush to increase, so that later you could make a baby. For six months of vagity, rich women's breasts are reduced to a whole rozmіr, or to call for a second.


Through those that rush rich blood to the breasts, they begin to swell and become important. Krim tsgogo, your breasts begin to actively tighten up the motherland. This is due to the side effect of elevated progesterone and estrogen.

More sensitive

Likewise, at the breasts, transcendent sensitivity can be guarded. It is possible to bring down to minus, to that it was more viscous to wear a more viscous character, which could try all the vaginess. Before speech, bіl can also tell on the burning of the breasts.

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Bigger nipples

Do not deprive your nipples of your nipples without respect. We are in front of the stench growing and become brighter, lower to vagity. Cream of it, your halos will be darker due to the rise in estrogen. And the ridges, rotting like a halo, will vibrate a special motherland, as if to protect your nipples from cracks and dryness.

You s'are rose marks

It is obvious that during the next hour the vagity of the breast begins to grow too fast. Through tse shkіra does not get close to such drіmkih change. And that means, varto reconcile with the obvious: your breasts for the next hour, but spend a lot of extravagance.

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