How to wipe the hand and chew

Let's learn the traces of childish creativity.

Slime, bugs, follow the stickers

In order to remove the zhuyka from the hair, it is necessary to apply rosemary or top oil on it and remove the fluff on the sprat. Let's sweat or take it with a terry towel.

You can take away the food for freezing. Put the river near the freezer and see the bug, if it gets worse more often. So the slime and the lizuni just walk away from the clothes.

One more option: clean up one bug other, fresh. For whom it is necessary to glue a new bug up to the patches and tear it sharply.

You can see stickers and adhesive tape on the surface, additional micellar water and two-phase zasib for removing make-up.

The slide of stickers can also be heated with a hair dryer and cleaned up if the veins become soft.

Farba on odyaz

Yakshcho farba olіyna, tiringly zazdalegіd plamá shut up. For which it is necessary to mix roslin or vershkov oil with the right powder in a proportion of 1: 1. Sumish is applied to the flame for 10-20 quills.

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Let's sweat the flame, it's necessary to make dishes for the mitt. And only a few of the most wandering clothes can be carried in the car.

Other farby flames can be cleaned with gas, gasoline or universal spray WD-40. The stench is effective on the fresh flames: it is necessary to fill the flame in advance with their help, then I will do it again.

As if the flame of a Farbi of an unfamiliar journey is on the edge, you can try one more way: coat it with toothpaste, then the gentleman's sweetheart, after which you wipe it in the car.

Follow the handle

Just like a fresh trace, it is necessary to drizzle it with hairspray and after 5 seconds wash it off with water. Also, the handle is wiped by servets with glycerin, as they are used for watching the skins.

Three shkіri follow the handles of the micellar water.

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