"Dry" drowning: how to drown children after leaving the water

What is the second drowning, why is it unsafe that it manifests itself. Signs of secondary and dry drowning, for which the term child needs to be brought to the doctor

Through the war in Ukraine, the beaches in the places, de buli viyskovi diy, closed. Ale, in rich regions, the possibility of finding natural water on the birch is overwhelmed.

Bathing is one of the main children's amusements. Ale is one of the biggest risks for a child in the wind. Okrim zvichaynogo drowning, є more one, not so obvious inconvenience. Tse second time or dry flooding, if the child is a gyne through a sprat of a year after leaving the water.

Why do you think so, and in some situations, the fathers need to be drunk, the experts of the All-Ukrainian Composite of paramedics have been identified.

What is the second drowning

Secondary drowning may rise after the pool / istockphoto.com

Secondary flooding is also called vіdkladenim. Most of the time, they trap after that, like a child drowned, and її vydkali. With this part of the water, everything is left in the middle of the dichal system. Vaughn calls out the inflamed bronchial tubes and the swollen leg, which perekrivaet dyhalnі ways. Through the heart of the baby, it’s important to go wild, and then we’ll block the access of the sour into the body.

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For the development of secondary drowning, it is necessary from 2 years to a few days. Zgіdno zі statistics, lethal kinets ring out at night. The fathers are relieved to think that the stingy tragedy has escaped, put the child to sleep, and she won’t be thrown any more.

It is important to know that a second drowning can occur even without the child drowning before it. For whom to finish, just get drunk, drive a pid hour of pirnannya or active mountains by the water. With whom, visually, the child looks absolutely healthy. On the back, until the swelling of the legends buds. Dekilka rokiv to that in the USA, after fixing the falls, if the 10-year-old boy died from a secondary drowning after turning back home from the pool.

What blows dry water

Dry flooding in the form of a secondary wind is tempting, which can lead a child in legenia. As soon as the hour of bathing was not safe to drown, a natural defensive reaction develops in the body. Let the wild ones spasm, so as not to let the water get into the legenia. Proteus at once from cym spasm interrupts and repeat access. The spasm of the hip may not be strong, it may tend to build up. Doctors seem that the signs of dry flooding are developing for 24 years.

Symptoms of secondary and dry flushing

For the beach to pay attention to the cough and drowsiness of the child / istockphoto.com

In both vipadas the symptoms will be the same. That’s why it’s not necessary to guess and think for a long time, as if after bathing you remembered the child so show:

  • Difficulty breathing with short breaths, try rereading
  • persistent persistent cough
  • strong that is uncharacteristic for a child vtom
  • suspected drowsiness
  • bіl that discomfort in the expansion of the breasts
  • atypical behavior (drativlivist, forgetfulness)
  • increased reaction and impaired coordination of movements
  • "blue" lips or fingers (through acid deficiency)

Important recommendations for fathers

It is necessary to bathe with children on the sight of a well-worn hand / istockphoto.com

If there are more or less symptoms listed above, this is a clear sign that the child needs to be shown the term to the doctor. Don’t be afraid to “get over it”, even in this situation, caution does not become a zavoi and can in the direct meaning of the word vryatuvate the life of a child. At the doctor's office, they will listen to you, to find out what is not in the legs of the water, they can direct it to x-rays and diagnose spasm of the ventral channels (like wines).

Also, show the child to the doctor, as if the hour of bathing was an incident, if the child was drowning, or she didn’t drown a little. Navіt tse bulo "not long", and the child feels normal. The danger of a second drowning in something that is impossible to rebuff, if someone has to be angry. Therefore, the problem is more likely to be switched off later.

Shchab niknuti bidi, obov'yazkovo dotremite water safety rules for bathing with children. Do not let them out of the field at any time. To choke, small enough depths of only 6-8 cm. Especially, if someone is quiet, who bathes, it is not possible to pour water into the water. Therefore, with children, as if they cannot swim, follow the rules of a well-trodden hand: you are guilty of being a child on such a day, so that there may be some second of pidhopiti and vytyagnuti її z vodyagnі.

To learn like a child to swim, do not waste your saw. Aje near the water youmu might be nasty. You can get angry, panic and gain control over yourself - the result is not loud enough to lead you to a small depth. Don’t throw off your vipadkov’s wind from the rachunks, or you’ve gone too far: there’s enough for a child on the open water, so you can drink to the bottom.

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