Funny comics about the everyday life of a mother of three children

Maria Gorbunova is an artist. And she paints her life with three kids. Her drawings are imbued with a subtle sense of humor and the truth of life. Watch funny comics about the everyday life of a mother of three

Children are definitely the flowers of life and great happiness. But mothers, especially young children, often resemble Malchish-Kibalchish with his motto "We stand for a day, but for a night to hold out." They also look like wet salt because they don't get enough sleep. In general, mothers' everyday life is sometimes difficult and unprepossessing. And here humor will always help. After watching these comics, which were drawn by the talented artist Maria Gorbunova, you will definitely smile, recognizing yourself and your favorite spinogryz, shilopopov and smeshariki in them.

Stop Earth, I'll Get Off / Instagramm @mary_chemi / Instagram

"It's not that something has changed dramatically in my life... ⠀ But how do you want to be in silence.. at least a day ", - this is how Maria signed this drawing. And, perhaps, this is the most popular desire of mothers of all times and peoples. The day is, of course, fatty, especially when the baby is breastfed. But an hour of freedom from everyone and everything needs to be arranged for yourself at least not every day, but once a week for sure. This is the best prevention of burnout and 

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postpartum depression.

We could hold out for the night and stand for the day / Instagramm @mary_chemi / Instagram

"That's how we live. The stars are burning, in the darkness the dogs sometimes twist. And I look at this sweet, beloved face and I just want to ⠀ drag him in, "is the familiar desire of every mother, who woke up a certain number of times during the night. And the husband, meanwhile, looks at the tenth dream and does not blow into his beard.

What does democracy lead to / Instagramm @mary_chemi / Instagram

Sometimes moms want to play democracy. But often this game leads to disastrous consequences, as, for example, in this picture. A child may want to take a huge toy with him into the car, put on an air sundress in a cold winter season - but you never know what can come to a bright little head. Therefore, it is nevertheless necessary to take the reins of government into our own hands, dressed in tight iron gloves. By the way, even psychologists say that children feel much calmer when next to them is an adult who knows how to set rules and defend their boundaries.

Sweet secret / Instagramm @mary_chemi / Instagram

Each of us "makes a happy mom" in different ways. But perhaps the most popular way is to eat something sweet, competing with children. Maria drew what was happening in her family when the child caught her hot.

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