Constipation in pregnant women: 5 non-obvious reasons

Many pregnant women face a problem such as constipation. It is not worth putting up with her, because this not only causes discomfort to the expectant mother, but also dangerous for the baby. How to help yourself, the doctor told

With constipation, nutrients from food begin to be absorbed poorly into the blood. If we consider that the body of the expectant mother a priori uses minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates at an accelerated rate, then it is stable constipation is a guarantee of a total deficit of usefulness in her body, and in fact they are extremely necessary for the health and development of the future little man. Therefore, if constipation occurs more than 2-3 times a week, a doctor's consultation is necessary - perhaps problems with defecation are not situational, but are caused by a gastrointestinal disease, which often debuts against the background of pregnancy. What reasons can lead to a "congestion" in the intestines, said family doctor Irina Pichek.

Reason 1. High progesterone levels

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Progesterone lulls the vigilance of the mother's immune system, which reduces the risk of rejection of the future little man, as a foreign "agent". Plus, progesterone relaxes the walls of the uterus - after all, their tone can lead to miscarriage or, at least, worsen blood circulation and cause the baby to starve as a result. But this hormone also relaxes all the smooth muscles in the mother's body, including the intestinal walls. What to do? Every day you need to walk more (if the doctor does not see contraindications for this) - this will gently stimulate contractions of the intestinal walls.

Moderate exercise is good for preventing constipation /

Reason 2. Taking iron and calcium supplements

Of course, if a doctor insists on taking pharmaceutical vitamin-mineral complexes, then listen to your doctor. But, if the pregnant woman prescribed these drugs to herself, then the benefits from them may be less than harm. The fact is that excess iron strengthens, and calcium - relaxes the intestinal walls - an excellent tandem for constipation. To avoid overeating these minerals is simple - you need to use them in foods: the body is smart and the excess of natural substances simply removes from the body. In this case, heme iron is absorbed best of all - not less than 70%. It is abundant in rabbit meat, beef and turkey, as well as in the liver, especially in beef. And calcium should be extracted not only from fermented milk products, but also from raw seeds and nuts: the body also needs plant forms of the mineral, and some of them contain more calcium than cottage cheese or kefir. In addition, they are rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid - with a deficiency of this substance in the body a pregnant woman increases the risk of developing malformations in a baby, premature birth, a persistent increase in arterial pressure.

Reason 3. Swelling in the second and third trimester

With edema in the body, there is a deficiency of fluid - it is "converted" in the tissues. The body of a pregnant woman is driven into even greater dehydration when she restricts drinking water and at the same time drinks diuretic decoctions. And with a lack of fluid in the body, the feces harden. All problems will be immediately solved, on the contrary, by drinking water every 15 minutes for 5-6 sips. And in order to improve lymph flow, which also prevents swelling, a pregnant woman should swim at least three times a week.

Reason 4. Eating foods with sugar and salt

Rarely a pregnant woman is not drawn not only for salty, but also for sweets. In the first case, the body lacks minerals - you need to lean on green vegetables, including leafy ones. In the second, for sure, there is a deficiency of zinc and magnesium: you can make up for them with sweets and pastilles made from dried fruits, seeds, honey - fortunately, the Internet is full of recipes for natural sweets. But refined sugar and margarine, without which industrially made desserts are indispensable, have the worst effect on the state of the vascular system. And the tone of the muscles (including intestinal tissue) and the filling of the body with fluid depend on it. Therefore, it is better to exclude this kind of desserts for expectant mothers altogether.

To prevent constipation, the expectant mother needs to eat cereals and beets /

Reason 5. The pressure of the growing uterus on the intestines

The growth of the uterus, an increase in the size of the baby and, as a result, pressure on the intestines is inevitable, and this complicates its function. But there is a way out - make 80% of the diet vegetable: fiber in vegetables and whole grain cereals (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal (not instant), pearl barley, brown rice) will improve peristalsis intestines. It is also important to eat little by little 6-7 times a day - such fractionality will contribute to a more harmonious work of the intestines, which will also reduce the scale of toxicosis: it increases if a large amount of toxins accumulates in the body, including due to non-excreted products life activity.

Constipation in pregnant women: how to help yourself

Not only all chemical stimulants of defecation are prohibited for pregnant women, but also those based on laxative herbs, in particular hay. Such drugs can provoke persistent diarrhea, especially if used with every constipation, which will lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and increase the tone of the uterus. It is allowed to take drugs based on lactulose, which do not stimulate peristalsis, but "loosen up" the feces. Beets, prunes and water with honey are also not contraindicated - these products slightly weaken. Use them before bed: just in the morning they will begin to take effect. During the heat, it is important to ensure that there is enough fluid in the diet to prevent constipation. Here 10 foods with the most water.

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