Solar eclipse on December 26: how to survive and what to do categorically

On this day, small events and accidentally spoken words can have a big impact on your life. influence, therefore, you should control your behavior, in no case give in to evil emotions.

What should be done during a solar eclipse?

Try planning.

Some may find it helpful to make a list of things to do before the New Year, while others may think about career prospects.

Set a specific goal!

Astrologers note that the special energy of this day will help materialize your thoughts.

Show your loved ones your love.

Eclipse can both positively and negatively affect the sphere of personal life.

If you want everything to be good in the future, then be sure to take the time to communicate with your loved ones.

What not to do on December 26?

Take your time to make important decisions, do not quarrel with people, as this can lead to deep conflict, resentment and even breakup. Also, experts do not advise making large purchases and taking risks today.

Illusions and building castles in the air can be dangerous for you.

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