How to potty train a child?

How do you know if your baby is potty ready? At what age to start dating? How to potty train a child? Rules and life hacks for parents

The nursery pot theme is like talking about politics at a feast: risky and unsafe. The older generation is confident - you can plant on a pot even in a year and a half, so long as my mother is not lazy. But modern approaches preach something different - the child himself will determine when to say goodbye to diaper. Everything is fine, but what should mom do?

Optimal age for potty training

According to experts - doctors and psychologists, the part of the child's brain that controls the urge to go to the toilet matures by the age of two. It is at this age that an understanding of the processes appears, the child can endure, he feels his body. However, this age may not be decisive for every child. They are all unique, develop at their own pace, and the psychological readiness of children is different.

Praise your child for every potty trip

How can you tell if your child is ready?

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  • If the diaper is dry within 2-3 hours
  • The child understands what they want from him when they offer to go to the potty
  • The kid is not afraid of the pot, does not run away from it and does not cry
  • Disgusted by a soiled diaper
  • Understands the meaning of the words "pee" and "poop"
  • Shows interest in the bathroom
  • Keeps balance, can independently remove and put on a diaper
  • "Goes to the toilet" at the same time
  • Can communicate their needs

How to prepare your baby for the potty?

The main method of connecting with your child is by talking to him. In this case, role-playing games will help you. Plant the dolls on the pot, comment on your actions. Let the child take an active part. Invite the baby to sit on the pot next to the doll. He can indulge in the first time - this is normal. Children turn everything into a game! Say that the pot is for needs, we do not play with it, we do not take it out of the bathroom. It is better for this to have a toilet toy, which will always be in the bathroom. Here you can play with her, sitting on the pot.

Also look for books. Nursery rhymes about a teddy bear that walks "ka-ka" to a special throne are very popular with kids.

It is very important not to criticize the child, not to get nervous when things go wrong. Children are very sensitive. They need praise, encouragement for any, even tiny, success. Many mothers advise buying stickers at the first stage. For each "peep" we present a kind of winner's medal.

Potty training rules

Many people say that training should be started during the warmer months. This is, firstly, safer for the health of the child, because not being in the cold in wet tights is another "adventure". And secondly, it is easier for mom herself - after all, puddles are inevitable. Try to seat your child when you notice that he wants to use the toilet. Every mom knows when this happens. Suggest going to the potty as often as possible. In general, the main thing in this whole story is consistency. There are no weekends or holidays.

Secrets of moms from the Internet

We have collected the most interesting life hacks from the Internet that helped mothers to potty train their child.

  • “I bought a baby doll. Cheap, but with a hole in the right place. If the baby doll is given water to drink, he begins to do "pee-pee". A simple example and it worked. "
  • “My husband and I accidentally entered a children's store. It turned out that there are special stickers in the pot. They stick to the bottom and change color on contact with warm liquid. The daughter was delighted "
  • “Our pot is not our lot. The son wanted to go to the toilet like dad - that is, to the toilet. We bought a special pad, they are sold in online stores. The main thing is to measure the hole so that it does not fall through " 
  • “And I connected the older child. When one sits on a pot, the other wants to too "

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