5 things you can teach your child while you're at home

And you don't need to attend special courses or listen to online lessons for this.


On weekdays, few people are ready to wait for half an hour while the child gets dressed, eats, etc. It's much easier to do everything yourself. But if you want to teach the child something - you have to stand by, patiently observe, support and teach the child to bring the matter to the end.


Not all children know how to say "thank you" and "please". But this must be taught! Lead by example, say polite words as often as possible, and then the child will also repeat after you.


Now, more than ever, it is very good to explain to a child what it is germswhy they are dangerous and why it is so important to take care of your health.



Make safety rules with your child and work them out to automatism. You can also practice with your child what to say to the child when a stranger approaches.

Love for reading

A person who loves to read is never bored. Choose books for your child that will really take your breath away. Set up a family reading nook and enjoy the whole family's time.

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