What to buy for New Year 2021

The pandemic is dictating new rules and needs.

A lot of purchases in 2020 and, as we can see, in 2021 will be related to work from home, health and safety. You should not stock up on buckwheat and toilet paper, but we advise you to take a closer look at our list of necessary purchases.

Notebook Stand

While it seems like a good idea to work with a laptop right in bed, it is not entirely true. The back, neck and, most importantly, arms get tired very quickly. A laptop stand will slightly ease the position, but it will not become a panacea. She will help you out if your health condition does not allow you to sit at the table, but you still need to work. Then for 1-2 hours the stand will help keep the computer in balance and not overheat it and your knees.

Orthopedic pillow under the back

It attaches to the back of the chair and helps relieve stress on the spine. As a result, the back gets tired less and hurts less. This is a great option to avoid buying a dedicated orthopedic chair.

Wireless headphones

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With them it is very convenient to continue listening to the meeting (movie, video tutorial) if you need to move away from the computer for a while. It will come in handy for every family member, including small children who turn in all directions while watching cartoons.

Robot vacuum cleaner

This device will immediately become a pet and receive a name (nickname). It allows you to keep your floor clean every day without any hassle. If you think vacuuming by hand isn't all that difficult, you've just never used a robot vacuum. With it, cleanliness will become the norm, for which there is practically no need to move a finger.

Air purifier

A device that purifies and humidifies the air is, in principle, necessary for urban residents. But everyone appreciated the special charm of the purifier when they became especially afraid of viruses in the air. Clean air is always useful and pleasant for every family member.


Cooking in a multicooker is convenient, because the food there practically does not burn (and if it does burn, it can be easily cleaned), you can program a delayed start, heating the finished dish. If you have a lot of work and household chores, then the multicooker will become an irreplaceable assistant in home cooking, which will greatly reduce the waste of time and effort.

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