How to store money correctly to become wealthy?

Esotericists believe that the financial well-being of a family is influenced by how the existing money is stored.

Separate place

For money, it is advisable to choose a specific place in the house that will be used for storage bills regularly.

Experts note that money has a very powerful and complex energy, so it cannot be moved around the house.

In China, the southeast of the house is considered the best place, it is there that monetary energy is collected.

Decorate the room

Esotericists note that money hardly multiplies in a room filled with garbage and unnecessary things. Therefore, we send everything unnecessary to the trash can, thus freeing up space for positive energy.

Farther from the place where money is stored, photographs and paintings should be placed, symbolizing the lack of funds. Place pictures of wealth, wealth, prosperity next to the place where money is stored.

You can also use an image of your wildest fantasies, for example, a new home or yacht.


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