How to wash soft toys at home

13 January 2020 09:00Darina Rozumna
How to wash soft toys at home

How to wash soft toys correctly

It is not for nothing that mothers call soft toys (especially those huge bears that occupy a good half of the room) - dust collectors. Do I need to wash them? Definitely yes! At least once every 3 months.

Dry cleaning of soft small toys at home

  1. Take a large plastic bag. Put a toy in it. Pour baking soda (starch is possible) into the bag - for 2-3 medium toys - 1/2 cup.
  2. Tie the bag tightly and shake for a couple of minutes.
  3. Take out the toy and use a dry brush to shake off the soda along with the dirt.

Dry cleaning of soft large toys at home

Large toys can be vacuumed by changing the usual wide attachment to a special one for upholstered furniture. Be careful with the eyes, noses, and other parts of soft toys.

How to wash soft toys with foam

  1. Lather a cloth with baby soap and wring it out to the maximum. Thoroughly wipe all dirty areas of the toy.
  2. Take a clean cloth, soak it in clean water, wring it out and clean the toy again.
  3. Place the toy on the dryer until completely dry.
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Machine washable soft toys

Be sure to check the toy tag before washing it. We take out everything that can be removed from the toy. We put the toy in a special net and wash it in the delicate wash mode. The water temperature is 20-30 degrees. We don't wring out the toy in the car, just drain the water. We wring out the toy itself with a terry towel.

A few rules for washing toys:

  • Toysthat are filled with balls should only be cleaned using the wet cleaning method. We strongly do not recommend washing them in a washing machine - you can ruin not only the toy, but also the car.
  • If the toy contains batteries, you must first carefully steam the seam and remove the batteries. Wash the toy using the most suitable method and dry it. Then put the batteries in and sew up again.
  • Greasy stains we recommend cleaning with a sponge dipped in rubbing alcohol or with dishwashing detergent.
  • Toys should not be washed with chemicals. Only baby shampoo and baby soap!
  • If the battery pack cannot be removed from the musical toy, the cleaning method for such toys is dry or wet only.

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