Poor appetite in a child: what to do?

The reluctance to consume food is quite common among children.

However, at the same time, parents often try to shove more and more into toddler. Is it correct? And how can you get your child interested in food in more humane ways? More on this later.

Cook together

If the child is involved in the preparation of food, then he will certainly be more interested in eating it. Let your kid help you with the cooking.

Allow your child to be independent

Yes, maybe the child will pick his hands in the plate. Or it will turn half of the content onto itself. But if the baby knows that the mother will not get nervous because he got dirty himself and dirty everything around in the process of eating, eating will turn from a tedious duty into a fun fun.

Positive emotions

Of course, refusing food you've spent all your time preparing can drive anyone off. However, the main thing here is to stay calm. Shouts and threats will not achieve anything anyway. Feeling your negativity, the child will be nervous, which will negatively affect his health. Therefore, focus on the positive! And be sure to praise your kid for good behavior at the table.

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Give an opportunity to whet your appetite

Try to get your baby out into the fresh air before lunchtime. At the same time, try to make it as active as possible: run, jump, play. Such physical activity will contribute to a greater appetite.


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