Why you can't drink hot tea, and why tea bags are better than tea leaves

A drink that we are used to drinking more than five times a day can be dangerous. We explain how.


Iranian scientists have found that tea shouldn't be hot. Hot tea burns the mucous membrane and contributes to the appearance of microtrauma and microinflammation. This leads to an increased risk of esophageal cancer.

Therefore, experts recommend not drinking tea hotter than 65 degrees.


Tea leaves versus tea bags

We think that loose tea is healthier and tastier than tea bags. But this is debatable.

Five years ago, American scientists studied 30 types of tea and it turned out that all of them contain a large amount of lead. To avoid danger, experts recommend choosing tea from the least environmentally polluted regions.

And more - brew the drink for no longer than 3 minutes! The best option is to buy tea bags and brew them for no longer than a minute.

Price matters

British scientists have found that leaf tea often contains quite a lot of fluoride. There is less fluoride in expensive teas. Therefore, doctors recommend not drinking tea on an empty stomach.

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Number of cups of tea drunk

Limit yourself to 4-5 cups of tea a day. If you notice anxiety, nervousness, or ringing in your ears, leave your unfinished cup aside.

Tea is not medicine

Many believe that tea protects against cardiovascular disease and has medicinal properties. But this is not the case! Tea is not a medicine, and many studies have been done in experimental rats. And people are very different from rats.

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