How to choose a good leather jacket

If you want the leather jacket to serve you for a long time, pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Price

You should know what's on the leather jacket not worth saving. You won't even notice how over time it will justify its price. After all, the cost of a thing is calculated by the number of wearing it.

2. Color and style

We recommend choosing a laconic model in neutral colors. This can be a jacket in black, camel or brown, because these are the colors that are best combined with all other colors.

Go for the trendy, standard thigh-length model and classic collar.

How to choose the right leather jacket /

3. Leather

The type of leather from which the jacket is made plays a very important role. Give up artificial leather, choose only natural. Pay attention to the density and texture of the material.

4. Fittings

The presence of buttons, the color of the zipper or buckles... This is what you should definitely pay attention to. If you find a classic black leather jacket with black fittings, buy it immediately. This is a real find, because this particular version of the leather jacket is the most versatile.

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How to choose the right leather jacket /

5. Details

Be sure to choose a leather jacket with a lining that won't resonate with the base material. It is desirable that the color of the lining matches the color of the jacket itself.

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