How long did it take for the sun's rays to kill the coronavirus?

The sunlight simulated by a xenon lamp destroyed the coronavirus in 15 minutes on various surfaces.

Scientists published their findings in The Journal of infectious diseases.

American researchers have proven that sunlight affects COVID-19 detrimental to any surface. For example, on the surface of steel, ultraviolet light destroyed 90% of viruses in 6.8 minutes (deposited on it together with human saliva) and in 14.3 minutes (in a special solution favorable for reproduction virus).

However, the intensity of the sun's rays also matters, doctors warn. The experiment was carried out with simulations of clear weather observed at about 40 degrees latitude (Salerno in Italy). If the intensity is less, then it will take more time to destroy the coronavirus.

Yet the study results are encouraging and increase the chances that the coronavirus will recede in the summer.


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