New Moon January 25, 2020: What Every Woman Should Do?

Astrologers note that the new moon, January 25, will be a day of exciting opportunities!

The first new moon in 2020 starts at midnight on 25 january, the beginning of a new cycle will result in an increase in energy and a surge of strength for us!

Experts note that this period should certainly be taken advantage of by people who are planning large-scale projects or expecting a favorable time to make some changes in their lives.

Every woman should turn to the subconscious on this day and make plans of happiness, health, love or career growth.

Astrologers recommend using one of these methods:

1. Write down what you want on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow.

2. Write down your wish on paper and carry it with you in your pocket.

3. Burn a sheet of written desire.

4. Start a book of desires on the new moon and write down everything you want in it.

It is recommended on the eve of the new moon to devote time to physical cleansing, for example, take a shower. Disconnecting from traffic, the Internet and TV will be beneficial. All this will help you understand yourself better!

During the new moon, it is advisable to talk less, perceive more, think about plans and write down ideas.


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