How to cut a pumpkin for Halloween?

Halloween It becomes more and more popular every year. Children want to join this unusual celebration, so often asked to carve a pumpkin scary faces, or help them with a suit on Halloween.

Pumpkin with a muzzle, which is placed lantern lamp called Jack.

Now pumpkins can be purchased at any store. But much more interesting with your child to create a flashlight that will chase away from you all the bad things!

For the light, Jack, you will need:

  • pumpkin,
  • marker,
  • small spoon,
  • knife.

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Cut a small hole in the pumpkin, so that you can clean it inside.

2. Large spoon carefully we clean the pumpkin, remove the pulp and seeds.

3. Draw a face on the pumpkin, which will be cut. If you are afraid that you can not accurately reproduce the image, draw a face on a piece of paper and attach to the pumpkin with a toothpick to make a mark for themselves in the form of points.

4. Cut a thin knife or without a face along the contour of it (how convenient).

5. Put a candle in the pumpkin, our lamp is ready! Trick or disgusting?

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