Original articles of pasta: a master class for kids

Summer is not only a great time to relax. Warm weather can wear T-shirts and sundresses to better were visible bright jewelry - necklaces and bracelets. How to make them with the baby improvised?

For child developmentis not always necessary to spend money on expensive training aids can perfectly use all that you have in the house. Today, while outside the rain and bad weather, we'll show you how to make the original beads of pasta.


If the creative impulse overtake you right here and now, and can not wait until the store will be the desired color beads and accessories, it does not matter. There is an excellent construction material Costume jewelery, durable, cheap and beautiful. It shaped pasta from durum wheat, non-colored or colored.


At first we practice to butterflies. We glue macaroni bows on-board base with hot melt glue or PVA. Let's wait until the glue dries, dorisuem antennae and flight path, paint the wings of insects acrylics or gouache. Butterflies on sticks for ice cream - it's bookmarks for books. Body and antennae from gossip fluffy chenille wire two turns - and you're done! even the paint is not necessary for the application of a lion. Long spaghetti noodles could not be better suited for golden-yellow mane.


To improve the skills of make butterflies out of the three types of figures: Lower bows on top - the body of the spiral, tendrils of vermicelli. Of direct short macaroni with cut corners get mobility, jellyfish or cloud with rain. There has additionally applied, cardboard, cotton balls, sewing. Butterflies can be decorated with sequins and other small decorations.

Kite made of vermicelli box, drenched colors of two colors, and ribbons on a striped yarn. The lion's mane, too, from the ribbons, and the head - of colored paper glued to the eyes for toys. Because children learn how to use and combine different materials, reversing the initial appointment of some details.


We turn to the manufacture of jewelry. It's very simple - we take a basis (gum, chenille wire braid) and stringing beads on her pasta. Special dexterity is not needed - just examples for inspiration. And paint brushes for painting. You can paint the workpiece in advance and put in different jars, as well as possible and after, when it will be clear to the artist's conception.


fashioned intactthe first set on a pink ribbon. So we can adjust the size of the bracelet and beads length, pick accessory for every occasion and a set of clothes.


Use to decorate a different size and texture of parts, add these beads, pompons, accessories, tie knots of bright cord. So to get even a complete necklace for the carnival or festival.


Unusual fashion color beads will give the nail polish of fashionable colors. By thematic necklace with hearts suit red and pink tones. You can wear these beads together with his girlfriend. The idea of ​​creating jewelry from tubes are also suitable for inspiration pasta lovers. For such a necklace in the ethnic style need smooth cylindrical makaronchiki, painted in bright matte color. Complete the image of contrasting lace and feathers.

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