10 ideas how you arrange napkins on the Easter table

It ends with last-minute preparations for Easter and suck soon will need to cover the holiday table. How original fold napkins on the Easter table and surprise all the guests?

Many housewives know how to cover the festive table tasty and inexpensive. But the special beauty of the Easter feast gives the original design. We show you how to get the maximum effect with little expenditure of time and money. All you need - a good mood and some materials. To beautifully folded napkins need felt, colored paper, glue, scissors.

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Napkin Holders with long ears get out of the felt strip. Its length is equal to the circumference of the folded napkins (approximately 10 - 12 centimeters) plus the length of the ear on each side (approximately 10 cm x 2). For the inside lug pick up pieces of cotton fabric with a fine pattern, PVA glue, wait for drying. Wrap a cloth insert one ear made in advance horizontal section.

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To give flexibility decor, use a soft wire. Duplicate a pattern a felt, wire put between the outer and the inner fabric layer. If dublerin has an adhesive layer, using an iron. Wrap a napkin, connect the ears, twisting gently.

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We use to decorate figurines made of colored cardboard, cut a stencil. Silhouettes can be the size of a dinner plate and perform the function cards with wishes. Small figures tie a napkin to a beautiful braid.

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Interesting idea - holiday picture with side slits. The holes prodenem paper or a thick satin ribbon wrapped around one - two turns napkin. Form drawing does not matter, fit a rectangle, square, oval, circle. Print pictures on a printer, paint the delicate spring flowers.

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Traditional ring hand made of cardboard cylinders, pasted over with a jute cord. Supplement parts of colored paper, draw what is missing: the eyes, nose and smile. Use paper with different prints and textures.

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Always handy little colored pompons. Of them will turn out and the nose, and the cute fluffy tail. An interesting pattern of rings of cardboard is fixed by means of incisions on opposite sides. More mounting options have rings made of felt, leather, dense decorative fabric. You can make a welt loop and sew a button, not less resistant to closure with button.

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Even ordinary paper napkins will look great in the form of cross-cuts in the template shape. Cut out of construction paper or felt silhouette of a celebratory character, make the cut with a knife Prototyping. Paste napkin, as shown in Fig. This approach and serving cutlery, in which case the figure should be large size. Choosing a suitable option and get to work.

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