How beautifully folded towels: 10 original ideas

Travelers who have been in the southern countries, especially Turkey, or in a foreign cruise, often admired figures from towels, welcome tourists in hotel rooms and cabins. And wondering how clever maids, trying to please the guests, create these "sculptures". But, if you look, it's - well-known origami, not of paper and fabric, available to implement at home

We recommend to start with the most simple textile structures. One small enough towels for the bunny, duck, bear or owls. Fold the sides to the middle of all the tabs do - get a bunny. Birds are made up of towels, folded in the first roll, and then in the form of the body, head and wings. To fix the results need ribbon or decorative ribbons. Suggest a toy baby, and he was happy to go wash your hands.


Record gained popularity swan, how to do it can be clearly seen in the diagram. Designers have come up with many schemes to help budding sculptors, the doers of the towels. On such figures, you can create an elephant and monkey.


It is also easy to perform a mouse, a snake and a crab. The pictures are drawn stepwise sequential actions of the creator. Do not be discouraged if the first attempt does not work - all a matter of experience. We recommend that the first attempts to take a picture of the final result, and you will see how your skill has increased.


Next 2019It will be the year the pigs, so every woman should have at this time to learn how to put a sculpture pig. The trunk of standard construction for the majority of animals. For it will need a medium-sized towel, which ends with the two smaller parties to roll up into rolls to the middle, then fold in half. Pull the two ends of different directions, forming the legs and torso. We will place the carcass in a sitting position, from a small towel we turn tail.


To make the head pig folded in half a hand towel. Forming an angle with the fold side, folded the pointed end down, and side to turn off the roll middle. On the opposite side arrange snout, of the side rolls - ears. Gather all the design turned out cute pink pig.


If you decide to give a friend or mom towels and tools for the soul, additional packaging is not required. Make the basket, as in the photo. To the basket will need one big beach towel and a second smaller hand. A large towel is placed vertically, fold in half open ends to itself and then again (get the basket height). Fold the piece three times, forming a square.

Insert resulting in a "pocket" the other end of the figure, rotate vertically, form the bottom of the basket. For extra durability insert inside the cardboard circle and lock design pins, tie elegant ribbon. Turn the handle of the smaller towels. Fill the basket with creams, shampoos, lotions and sponges. The variant for use in the kitchen, which pick up the towels appropriate color and size, kitchen accessories. Use the towels are the same or different colors to your creations turned out even more interesting.


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