Decorate clothing with their own hands: embroidery cord

Huge range of fabrics on the shelves allows modern women choose the desired color and pattern, and sew a new fashionable dress on the figure. But always in the closet there is a comfortable favorite thing that "a little tired" and has little damage. Needlewoman cope with such a task using cord - finished, the desired thickness, or linked independently.

Assign cord can be needles, a hook, and using a special tool, which greatly speeds up the process in the art French seamless circular knitting. Turn hollow tube without seams, suitable for embroidery andcreating jewelry. Perfect yarn in a cord production factory, it is soft, smooth and beautiful.


We will need the fabric on which you want to transfer pattern disappearing marker thread for sewing the cord of the same color, thin needles, decorations (beads, stones, beautiful buttons). Let's spread the cord tissue, and follow the contours of the pattern When sewing small stitches to the base, avoiding displacement and cord slack. You can use a hoop for embroidery to the fabric is taut. For sewing machines invented special tabs that facilitate the work of the needlewoman.


Cord embroidering the contour diagram, and the center fill embroidery stitch, decoration or the same cord. Contrast and monochrome options look equally good, a good idea - to use knitting yarn, the desired width of the strips can be independently cut from jersey.


Such a cord masters processed picture that is already on the fabric. Choose an option loop fastening depending on the length of the elements.


We picked up several schemes to finish the dress. Pattern for circular and rectangular neck.


Ornaments are used not only for clothing textiles, knitted cardigan and knitted coat will look just fine.


Choose floral motifs or geometric shapes, start with simple patterns. Iron finished in the usual way does not work, so as not to spoil the terrain, it is necessary to turn the thing wrong side up, resting on the ironing board soft pillow. Therefore, for the finishing tape usually selected fabrics that hardly rumpled.


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