Original jewelry for school holiday hairstyles: make ourselves

At the end of the summer in the departments of stationery and school bazaars excitement - all in a hurry to buy a ruler and notebooks, pencils, pencil cases, erasers, book covers. But most girls attract shelves with decorations for school hairstyles. How to make original decoration for the little fashionista?

Bright ribbons and fancy bows, barrettes with flowers and beadsto face our princesses. However, high-quality jewelry are expensive, and we picked up a few ideas that you can do yourself, using the means at hand.


In specialty stores buy hardware basis for the pins, ribbons, lace, rubber band, felt. To trim bow lace cut into equal segments and assemble the inner edge with a needle and a thread.

Sew the workpiece from both sides felt pieces of the same color as the lace. So work will look neater. Then the felt need to sew or glue the base metal (special holes provided for sewing). Lace can be decorated with bead or decorative buttons.


Daily pins decorated bows are made of dense belt 1 meter wide and 2 centimeters. Each bow consists of two identical parts, each of which is sewn from a length of tape, about 5 times the length of clips - 4 length 20 - 25 cm fold in half and sew, make the assembly of center. Connect pairwise interconnected, cover assembly location velvet ribbon (about 5 centimeters), or a suitable piece of lace. Secure bows on a metal base.


A beautiful romantic bow can be made out of the remnants of natural silk, poplin. Strip of cloth to be sealed (the seal is attached to the tissue with the help of iron), to sew from the wrong side, leaving a hole for eversion. Remove the product sew opening, fold the tape wrap and sostrochite middle seam sewing machine. Pin finished form to a metal substrate, an elastic band or hoop.


Another creative process shown in steps. It looks nice jewelery base, pasted over the same tape, from which created decoration. By bows Sew decorative buttons.


Girls who have thick hair and heavy braid, little plastic combs are well suited. Pink satin tape are folded twice and bonded together. The junction is closed with embroidered flower petals. A good option - crocheted circular motif with magnificent columns and wavy edge. "Icing on the cake" - glossy round buttons.


Perfect for soft, holding the shape of ornaments, felt different colors. Choose a soft felt, sufficiently dense and pleasant to the touch. Cut parts of the pattern, connect the hot melt glue gun using. Sets decorate beads, beads or decorative stitching contrasting thread.


Simple round shape combined with sophisticated colors of several lobes. Additional charm give a thin tape with the edge of pompons, felted woolen beads, pearlescent beads.

___8_01The strip of thin felt 30 x 5 cm, folded in two, cut into "noodles" from the fold line to the edge without reaching the edge of 0.5 cm. Prepare the green felt of the base with six petals. Form a flower, starting from the outer edge and spiraling towards the middle. Secure the coils with hot melt, helping the metal needle. From the remnants of tape make butterflies, because on the threshold of autumn, and we leave them until next spring.

We advise to put beautiful scraps, small icons lace and ribbons in a special box, and you will always be able to complete your collection of jewelry for your daughter.


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