Articles made of paper: jewelry with their hands

If the summer caught you by surprise, and not only "nothing to wear", but as there are no suitable summer jewelry neither you nor my daughter, no problem! We make stylish unusual bracelets and rings from the fact that there is at hand. Rest assured decorations are the right color and size.

Such activity necessarily will appeal to every girl. Therefore, if you do not know what to do with her daughter, Garner colored paper, scissors, glue, and start creating!


For the bracelet requires a broad band from 2 to 5 centimeters. Butterflies cut out the template and paint to your liking. If there is a shiny pebbles and small beads, beads, glue them with superglue or hot melt. Then glue on the basis of a butterfly and bracelet ready!


Well, if among your needlework stocks there a few sticks chenille wire. That's really a universal basis for decorations! Wrap the wire around your finger, fix size. You can make a few turns in the form of a spiral, will almost fashionable jewelry form. As the "cherry on the cake" will serve as a paper butterfly, a flower or a big-eyed pompom.


Gallery miraculous transformations continue bracelets based capsules cardboard from paper towels. For them fit any decoration: design paper, cloth, acrylic paint. Unusually looks Windows curly pasta covered with gold plating. With such ornaments can safely go to the summer carnival.


Okleyte paper bracelet with bright print, make a separate top and attach a large butterfly, multi-colored beetle. Scare is unlikely someone will, but your summer definitely will not be boring.


Do not forget about the glasses, the unusual accessory will complement the fashionable image. Cut out cardboard glasses of different shapes, colors paint the summer and let your holidays be bright and will be remembered for a long time!

Also be sure to ask about some original articles can be made from disposable plates

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