For mom decoration of the old tie Pope: Master Class

With the arrival of sunny days wish to update your wardrobe becomes especially strong. And we, as usual, starting with a revision of the cabinets, the sort of things, shoes, bags, accessories. Sometimes, on the shelves and in the back of the boxes, you can find real treasures - for example, a box of men's ties, which are very beautiful, but it went out of fashion.

Now my mother, which woke up the designer, have the task: to persuade the Pope to give these ties to her (well, except to leave a couple of the favorites for official events and ceremonies "outputs shine"). And she knows exactly what to do with them next.

We define what we need most: removable decoration in the form of a necklace or a bow, trim neck blouse or T-shirt, bag, belt or clothing. If the tie a lot (and in fact his grandmother in the closet exactly have a grandfather, even with vintage patterns!), You can sew a set of accessories.

All men's ties are generally the same size and shape, differ only in the form of fabric and wide. They can be used whole, folding and turning as necessary, either to rip the seams and good smooth material before cutting.


Are obtained from a tie BEADS and Purse. For beads rectangle cut out a length of approximately 7-10 cm length greater than the required beads, sostrochim seam along the long side. Now insert a "pipe" beads suitable diameter, fixing each knotted.

After filling the "pipe" sew the remaining ends. Koshelechka to use the front end of the tie, sew a button and braid with a carbine.


Complex cut and sewing are not mandatory, you can tie a beautifully folded around his neck, locking the soft folds on the wrong side. For more stubborn creases need to pave the machine line and attach a nice button. Buttonholes do in the event that less than the circumference of the head ornament.

If you pick up the beads to match the fabric and secure them along the contour of a tie, you get Smart accessories for festive occasions.


More sophisticated decorations require suitable tissue of one or two colors, various decorations and accessories, braiding, pieces of fur. At the same fabric tie is a color that simply do custom folds.


We picked up a few more options for removable ties, pendants and collars. fabric remnants enough for a bracelet.


Unusual variegated colors are well suited for summer, top sew or glue using glue gun beads, stones, crystals. The combination of fabrics in contrasting color and a suitable pattern suitable for the office, the official event.

To tie in gray-blue shades sewn planochka of monochromatic fabric decorated metal buttons. It captures a second end. Gray tie with brown trim fastens with buttons.


Neck blouses or shirts can be treated Tie cloth trim is sewn up, leaving only the free ends of which are tied or fastened with a button. Originally it will look like a frill of unequal width.


Of the two will tie a beautiful belt, sew them need to overlap. Due to the remnants of pieces make a cross set in a patchwork, a belt worn on the lace.


Of ties get a nice solid and BRIGHT BAG




In a special way will look beautiful PILLOWCASES for pillows and Chair covers.

Of the two tie stitch Organizers for needlework.


But how else to use unnecessary ties needlewoman - creating clothes, home decor items.