Top 12 ideas for decorating the holiday table

New Year is a very, very close and will soon knock at every door. We worked hard, prepared gifts for loved ones, decorated Christmas tree, and our house looks great.

The door, which will include a holiday, too, must comply with the triumph! And the door of the room, and even the door of the refrigerator.


In the photo are a few ideas festive decoration.


Festive atmosphere complete the elegant chairs and decorated in the New Year holiday table. Chairs will be festive with the help of suspension - jewelry and rain or specially sewn covers.


Here are some ideas for decorating bottles of wine and champagne.
This decor caps created for half an hour.


Here's how you can transform a bottle of sparkling wine with the help of a knitted pouch, which, by the way, get out of the old scarf or sweater.


A very interesting case in the form of Christmas trees can make on this pattern.


Carve the item 1 (4 pcs.) Of a decorative cloth, knitted fabrics and the item 2 (2 pcs.) Of the lining fabric. Sew separately herringbone separately - lining connect (baste) between themselves, and try on the sewing machine to sew or manually decorate beads, glitter, paillettes.

Very popular as aprons for bottles. Such fartushek can embroider cross stitch, or decorate applique immediately choose fabric with Christmas pattern.
Complement the design of bags for cutlery - boots, gloves, fairy-tale characters.


It is worth to pay attention to napkins - put them in a special way or wear dress rings.


Red and gold gamma symbolic year for the Fire Rooster.


Will give a special charm napkins folded herringbone.


Special decoration table will be a long-track napkins made of fabric, with embroidery and applique. The width of a napkin of 40-50 cm, the section length is equal or be greater than the width on each side of 20-25cm.


It should be noted that the selected style to every detail must be consistent with the overall decoration of the festive table, take into account the views of the serving dishes, number of guests and dishes.

Let us go, little time left! New Year just around the corner - a holiday!