What to cook for the weekend: Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

November 9, 2019 8:00Antonina Starovoit
What to cook for the weekend: Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

What to cook for the weekend: Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner


At the weekend, when a little more free time, you can treat loved ones and cook something unusual and tasty - something, what is not enough time in a normal weekday.

We offer you 5 ideas mealsThat can be made already this weekend.

1. Cyrniki with Adygei cheese

It is difficult to find a man who would not love the classic cheesecake with cottage cheese. The more so that they are prepared very simply: you need cottage cheese, egg yolks, a little flour, salt, sugar, vegetable oil for frying and a little time. In addition, cheese cakes can be cooked with Adygei cheese. You will need Adygei cheese and feta cheese, corn flour (you can replace conventional), herbs and vegetable oil for frying.

2. Liver cake

Liver cake - very tasty and nutritious dish, which is good to cook on the weekends, as this takes a little time. Preparation of liver cake consists of three basic stages: first you need to fry the pancakes from the liver, then cook the sauce for cake and smear the pancakes, then put the cake in the refrigerator liver infuse. Ingredients for liver cake will need very simple: liver (beef or chicken), eggs, yogurt or sour cream, flour, onion, carrot, garlic, vegetable oil for frying. Lubricate liver cake with mayonnaise can, although there is a more useful option - namely, cream sauce with garlic (it's very easy to cook).

3. Pancakes with cottage cheese or feta cheese

If there is one dish that is loved by all, it is true Ukrainian potato pancakes with sour cream. Potato pancakes can be cooked in different ways, including cottage cheese, or cheese. Try it - like your home!

4. This green borscht

Green soup with meat, potatoes, eggs and, of course, present a large spoon of sour cream - what could be better? Especially now in the markets it is already possible to buy a young sorrel (and right now it is less than all of oxalic acid). Preparation of the classic green borscht, meat, of course, will take some time, so it is just possible to prepare over the weekend.

5. Hot sandwiches in the oven

Hot sandwiches with ham, cucumber and sausage cheese; hot sandwiches fried bacon, cream cheese and tomato; hot sandwiches with smoked turkey and provolone cheese; Hot sandwiches with carrots and cream cheese - these are just a few ideas with which you can cook hot sandwiches. A definite plus of course - is that it takes very little time and need the most basic ingredients.


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