6 automotive giants, which were originally released not machines

Now the market there are a lot of cars from the famous companies. Some of them started out with no car production, and with the release of a completely different goods.

What personal and other instruments related to the famous automotive companies. We take a look at their history.



The company was incorporated in 1917 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines for aircraft. Founded by Karl Friedrich Rapp. Located in the Munich district, near Flugmaschinenfabrik (translated from German. "Plant flight machines") - the manufacturer of the aircraft. The emblem is the BMW propeller airplane on a sky background. Only in 1928, BMW launched its automotive operations.


In 1870, amber Iwasaki founded the company, which was engaged in the manufacture and repair of ships. The company's activities also extended to the production angle for water transport. It was called «Mitsubishi Shokai» (in translation from Jap. «Mitsu» - «three», «hishi» - «water chestnut"). In 1918 the company started the aircraft industry.

With the progress of history, the company has evolved into a Japanese conglomerate. One of the alliance companies - automotive giant Mitsubishi Motors, founded in 1970.


The Italian company under the command of Ferruccio Lamborghini started its activity in 1948 as a manufacturer of tractors. Parts were selected from unnecessary military transport. In 1959, Lamborghini is expanding its production, and is entering the market with consumer goods, from the burners, and ending with air conditioning systems. In 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini register your company Automobili Lamborghini, which is engaged in the production of sports cars.


Deutsch automakerAdam Opel began his career with the production of sewing machines. In 1886 the company began producing bicycles. After a fire in 1912, the release of the sewing machine stops, and the bikes of this brand are manufactured until 1940. In 1898, Adam Opel contracts with avtokonstruktorom Friedrich Lutsmannom and designs with it the first car.



Peugeot family since 1700 engaged in manufactory business. In 1840 the company launched its production of hand grinders and mills for pepper and salt. This mechanism was patented and gave the guarantee for trouble-free operation. In 1858, the company enters the market of clothes crinoline, in creation of which steel rods are used. Peugeot then made frames for umbrellas, blades for saws, wheels with spokes, and begin production of bicycles. Only in the late nineteenth century, the company began producing its first cars.



Czech carmaker began its work in 1895. Mechanic Václav Laurin and bookseller Vaclav Klement, who loved to ride bikes, decided to produce bicycles of their own design. At the end of 1899, the company Laurin & Klement Co moved to motorcycles release. Only in 1905, Skoda It introduced its first car Voiturette A.

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