5 myths about healthy eating, forget about them immediately!

Rational to eat - it is useful, tasty and easy. The main thing - to give up harmful stereotypes and prioritize correctly. Forget about these myths and start a healthy life!

The modern diet is very poor, often we are preparing the same, and do not want to change their habits. Include as much as possible in the diet of food legumes, seeds, and whole grains. And never miss breakfast!

Mif1 eat properly - a very expensive

Let's be honest, the level of wealth, of course, is important. But not decisive. To eat right, no need to buy expensive "organic" products or fashionable now "superfudy". Especially because these names on labels - often just a trick of manufacturers.

Foods that should form the basis of a healthy diet - raw cereals, legumes, seasonal vegetables and herbs are usually affordable. Plus you can save by replacing red meat and sausage to chicken and turkey, yogurt flavored additives - in the yogurt and cottage cheese, sweets and pastries - Seasonal fruits and berries, sweet drinks - on water.

Myth 2 eat properly - it is difficult and boring. We have to count calories

Actually complicate their lives and engage in rigorous calculations required. To begin, simply change the accents - make your diet more healthy in general.
The main rule: as much as possible "raw", unprocessed foods in the diet.

  • Try a day to eat at least 400 grams of vegetables and fruits: they include all the dishes that cook, and take it with you to work as a snack. Reduce the amount of saturated fat (fatty meat and fat dairy products) and trans (treated purchased products, semifinished products).
  • Do not put the salt shaker on the table (the norm - not more than 1 hour. l. of salt per day). To make the food taste more vivid, instead of salt Use spices, herbs, lemon juice.
  • Discard the prepared sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup. They may well be replaced by a mixture of yogurt and herbs.
  • Sugar, including sweets, baked goods, beverages, it is desirable to limit to 50 grams per day.

Myth 3 Eat right - then around to limit myself and give up your favorite foods

Perhaps this is one of the most harmful errors that could completely discourage the desire to change dietary habits. Strict restrictions and prohibitions to anything good will not lead - will be failures. So that you should not rush into extremes. If you have already started to consciously choose products, if there was a tendency to a healthy diet, it is possible from time to time to allow yourself and not very useful food. Importantly, do not forget about moderation.

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Myth 4 Healthy eating - that's bland and tasteless

More often than not think so fans of fast food and other "junk" foods rich in sugar, salt, trans fats and flavor enhancers. Such food "cheating" the taste buds and is addictive. Taste homemade food after it can seem bland. But this process is reversible. If you stop eating fast food and convenience foods, with time exactly nauchetes enjoy the taste of natural products.

Myth 5 Eat right - means a whole day to stand at the stove

Slice the sausage sandwiches for breakfast or reheat semi-finished dinner, of course, faster than cook porridge, steamed vegetables or fresh vegetable salad. But not by much. But the result - health and longevity - is worth it.

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