Repair: what you can and can not save

What is in any case impossible to save:

1. at the time,

Do not rush, because even for the purchase of materials and the work takes at least 2-3 months or even longer. Yes, it all depends on the size and complexity of the work, but the rush during the repair can lead to unnecessary spending and to a bad result.

2. On the construction crew

Yes, you can do everything yourself. But if you are always at work and do not have the time or expertise in this business, be sure to find a team. If you're looking for cheap labor brigade, you may come across an absolute lack of professionalism. Therefore, you decide.

What can and can not save the repair /

3. On windows and doors

If your windows are located on the freeway, do not skimp on the windows. Recommended deliver reliable triple-glazed windows with ventilation flow.

You should be aware that high-quality windows and doors provide reliable heat and sound insulation of the house.

What you need to save:

1. On building materials and tools

But here too it is not necessary to bring to the extremes. No need to pay extra for the brand. It happens that the goods are not very well-known manufacturers can be no less quality than the materials of the popular brand. Before buying materials mingle with experienced builders, ask them for advice, read reviews and testimonials of people who have used these products.

If construction tools you need only during the repair, the more economical to take their mene need to hire.

What can and can not save the repair /

2. harvesting

Removal of construction waste and cleaning after construction - the question is problematic. To save on the amount of construction waste is quite simple, if you start to work with the most distant rooms and gradually move to the front door. If you want to save on their own debris removal, well, or you will have to use the services of a cleaning company.

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