Children help to build a career: the truth or not?

Many people are afraid to have children in order not to risk a career. In fact, the children only help his career.

Children or Career? Many moms are faced with this choice. But few know that the mother - an excellent business-woman and the children in them this helps. Do you know why?

This upbringing in a woman multitasking

Moreover, in order to have time to calm the child, feed and educate, nyzhno devote time to himself.
Young mothers are able to plan everything so that several tasks are performed at the same time. And for this you need! With this skill did not face neither men nor women are childless.

Responsibility and organization

If a woman is focused on career, she will try to do everything quickly and efficiently, so as not to return to this job again. A free time will udelat child.

Children help to build a career: the truth or not? /

Most single-minded woman - a mother

Many women are not motivated to work, they do not understand why work harder and better. And my mother always have the motivation - is her child. And so mom and baby are always well motivated to work and earn a lot.

You are not alone

Attachment to the child - one of the main problems in the career of young mothers. After illness, parent meetings, and other activities with a child can prevent mother to work. But you are not alone, you have a husband who can take some of your duties, grandfather and grandmother, as well as babysitting.

You should know that the child - not a hindrance career, but on the contrary, your inspiration and the source of your future heights!

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