Tarot forecast from 6 to 12 May 2019: Board of warning for the week

Tarot forecast for the following week, from 6 to 12 May 2019, will help you successfully plan your business and think through their actions on these days to implement its plans.

Do not forget that from 6 to 12 May 2019 the moon will be rising in the first phase, which means that we should not be afraid to act actively and to go to achieve the goals. And the alignment of the Tarot tell what actions could be wrong and how to avoid the failure of a party. It is noteworthy that the next week will still continue a string of May holidays, so you will likely be hard to pull myself together and get back to work.

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1. The overall atmosphere of the week - Ace of Wands (inverted)

Ace of Wands in the inverted position means an emergency stop in the affairs. Most likely, going forward you will interfere with the external factors, which will be hard to resist. Also inverted lasso Ace of Wands shows that your prospects, ideas and attempts to correct the situation will come to naught. Do not despair and do not give up, because very soon there will be positive changes.

2. Job, Career and Money - Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands in the context of work and money symbolizes marking time, too many commitments that are very difficult to handle. Either this noose is sometimes interpreted as a bad consequences greater success in the affairs of fuss, a very wide variation in the nomenclature of affairs and unsuccessful attempts to catch everything.

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3. Love and Relationships - Four of Swords

For a sphere of personal relationships Four of Swords represents the hidden problems, the inability to reach a compromise and silence their claims to the partner. If you roll the noose, it is better to have the courage to talk openly with your partner: concealing his displeasure, and avoiding conversation will only aggravate the situation. A resolution of the conflict to its active phase will help you quickly find a compromise and achieve harmony in a relationship with someone you love.

4. Tip for the week of the Tarot - Five of Cups

Take your problem or frustration and refresher them. You might be overwhelmed by fears, then they need to work. Yes, your situation is not ideal, but it's - life. It must be remembered that always stick the two ends of the coin - the two sides, and the white begins a black stripe. Besides, with his head immersed in destructive thoughts and emotions, you may miss something really important in their lives.

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