Tarot-forecast for the week: how to successfully plan your activity from 22 to 28 April 2019

Tarot forecast for the last week of this month, from 21 to 28 April 2019 will reveal the secrets of what to expect in these days and how to behave in different situations.

Recall that the next week from 21 to 28 April 2019, to the period of the waning of the moon, which means you should get rid of all superfluous and unnecessary, to spend spring cleaning, pay off debts and to reach a compromise in relations with expensive you people. All this must be done on the eve of Easter light that he brought you luck, success, love and prosperity.

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1. The overall atmosphere of the week - Ace of Cups (inverted)

Inverted lasso Ace of Cups shows the situations when a person rejects the prospects and opportunities for implementation and progress. This means that next week you most likely will not be engaged in the implementation of their plans and go to their targets. But remember that this week should finish the started deeds, otherwise the probability of disappointment will be greater, and your hope will not be justified.

2. Work, career, money - Six cups

Minor Arcana The Six of Cups indicates that your work brings you pleasure and you are satisfied with all that you have at the moment. In addition, you have a strong creative potential and there is a chance that next week you will want to work for himself and can come to the idea of ​​self-actualization. Do not be afraid to make his hobby a source of income.

3. Love and Relationships - Three cups (inverted)

Next week, you may have conflicts with your partner / istockphoto.com

Minor Arcana Three cups upside down, unfortunately, does not promise you a spring of love, and a storm of positive emotions in a relationship. Most likely, Next week could be your "test of strength", as well as possible conflicts, disputes and disappointment in a partner. Your expectations can not be justified and you will be disappointed actions of a loved one.

4. Tip for the week of the Tarot - Nine of Wands

All week you will be plagued by doubts and uncertainty. So try to make decisions more carefully, not to risk too much and be confident in their actions.

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