Lunar calendar for September 2018: the most favorable days of the month

Lunar calendar will help you plan the first month of autumn the most efficiently and correctly. What days in September 2018 most favorable and positive?

Positives days is always less than the potentially dangerous, but that does not mean that the whole month will be problematic and unfortunate. Relying on Moon calendarDo not forget that absolutely negative days does not exist, because a successful or problematic life - is increasingly the result of our thoughtsand actions. But take into account the tips, not to make unnecessary mistakes and bring good luck, it's worth.


September 1 - Planning Day. On this day, you can schedule the case for the entire month, to make detailed plans and set goals in family planning be more diplomatic, consider the wishes of other family members. Today it is possible to invest in the development, purchase accessories or furniture for the home. This day is generally favorable, waning Moon in Taurus, so even a weekend - favorable combination.

September 2 - a day of rest.

Sunday - a very good and productive day for most people. Today is a day of rest, the so-called mini-vacation, so in any case, do not sit at home. Go to the country, to the lake or in the woods, away from the bustle of the city, it will help you to forget about the problems and restore peace and harmony. This holiday will benefit everyone, especially those who are very tired.

September 4 - the day of the search.Today you must listen to your heart and listen to your intuition. The last day of the boards of Gemini will be incredibly productive for those who are in search of the second half, a new hobby or work. September 4 need not be afraid to take risks and make bold decisions, it will allow you to go to the next level, and succeed in the financial sector ..


September 10 - hours. The first day after the new moon will set you on the active work, so Monday will easily and very fruitful. On this day, the Moon is in Virgo, it will maximize your focus and composure. If you're not scared of challenges and responsibilities, you will be able to increase their wealth, to acquire new knowledge and capabilities.

September 14 - While searching yourself. It is a day of soul-searching, the day when you have to part with their fears, doubts and grievances. Concentrate on yourself, indicate what prevents you to act and succeed. September 14 - a perfect day to put new dalekoglyadnye goals, plan new objectives and achievements, Moon in Scorpio will be in every way you do this to promote and encourage your undertakings.


15 September 16 - during a change of scenery. Excellent time to travel, make new acquaintances, a radical change of image or large purchases. Today, you'll be full of energy, optimism and positive energy, so nothing can spoil your mood.

September 20 - the day of the financial activity.A perfect day for new beginnings, materiel investments, start a new activity and creativity. Buy something bright and emotional, something that will give you maximum pleasure.

September 30 - the day relaxing holiday.Last September laziness spend in peace and quiet, do not think about work problems and other life troubles, abstracted from everything that bothers you or upsets. On this day, it is best to stay at home and think about yourself first, go do something pleasant, so you can get rid of accumulated negativity in the past month.

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