6 ways to reduce the cost of home repairs without compromising quality

You planned repairs? We bought an apartment in a new building? I wanted to freshen up the interior, and many do not have money? Our ways of saving will help you reduce the cost of repairs without compromising quality.

Just say, on what you can not save. The quality of materials, you do not want to see the wallpaper torn or broken floor tiles in one day? On the construction crew, Bob from third entrance can take less, but make things worse too. How to save on repairs?


Buy Building materials shares and savings. It turns mortar stores regularly organize actions for different groups of goods. You can grab a beautiful laminate flooring or plumbing at very affordable price.

domestic product
It is no secret that local materials are cheaper than imported. Why buy Spanish tiles, if not worse than the Ukrainian make. Moreover, compliance with the same technology. Almost all import expensive goods have our domestic counterpart. Do not be afraid to buy Ukrainian. Long gone are the days when everything was done on Little Arnaut. Now Ukrainian brands are fighting for the buyer and offer excellent quality products.


Delivering building materials on their own, you can save up to 5%. A great amount of money for the next purchase.

make their own
You know how well hang wallpaper? Or overwrite the seams on the tile? Why then you own it do? So you save a tidy sum! Of course, provided that you are really good at doing this.


Repair of the winter
In cold weather, construction crews take less money for their services.

design apartment
You have a new home and you want a specific design? Does not necessarily refer to a specialized studio. Look at photos of interiors on Pinterest or by Google. Be inspired and do something similar.

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