How life changes when you change the names, and in any case this can not be done

Previously, the wife automatically obtain her husband's name, and modern women in no hurry to change the name. This occurs for various reasons, but many are winners, since the name change can drastically change her life.

In the traditional sense, the name change is the transition from one kind to another, and before anybody had a desire to give up her husband's surname. Now the change of name - the procedure is entirely optional, and many women do not consider it important in marriage. This is especially true if a woman before marriage has become a well-known or her maiden name is much more interesting and harmonious. Although there are still men who believe that women should take her husband's name and accept failure as a personal insult. To determine learn how to can change your life, if you take a new name.

How do you know if the name / fit

It turns out that the change of business name is not joking, and conflict may arise between one person, which was formed before the wedding and the one which is obtained under the influence of the new name. Sometimes new surname can balance your weaknesses and then you find yourself in the win, but it can be quite the opposite.

In order to find out whether or not to change the name, use the help of numerology and calculate their number of names before and after the change of name.
To calculate your number, use the table, where each letter corresponds to a certain number. Add up the numbers for the last name, first name and patronymic, and then add up these three numbers to obtain simple. So you get your number.

1 - and, and, with a, b;
2 - b, d, t, s;
3 - in, k, y, s;
4 - d, l, f, e;
5 - d, m, x, w;
6 - e, n, n, i;
7 - e, o, h;
8 - f n, m;
9 - s, p, u.

For example Anne Y. Popov = 8 + 7 + 8 + 7 + 3 + 1 = 7: 1 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 5; 5+9+3+6+3+6+1=6. Now 7 + 5 + 6 = 9. The number in your name - 9. Similarly, do the same procedure and with the name, which is planning to take after the wedding, and determine how much your life has changed and whether to change it.


Numerology names /

You men are inherent traits of independence, you are a natural leader, able to independently take difficult decisions.


You are able to work perfectly in a team, able to compromise, do not like to get involved in disputes and conflicts. Able to give up his point of view, always consider the interests of the partner and is very influenced by your decisions.


You are a born optimist, you are all literally burning in your hands, so you can easily achieve their goals. You are very sociable, like noisy companies and fun pastime.


Nature is full of contradictions, hence the constant emotional throwing. Subject to the circumstances, seek to overcome the difficulties, but at the same time absolutely inconsistent and do not wish to live by the rules.


As the name change affects the fate /

Windy, giddiness and irresponsibility. These women live in the present, often change partners, like to travel and relocate.


These women are looking for from a partner cooperation on mutually beneficial terms, are willing to sacrifice something, if the partner is a sacrifice for them, it is responsible for a close, caring. Can overprotection of children.


Excessive stiffness and scrupulousness, these women really find fault with the details and pay a lot of attention to detail, extremely meticulous.


Craving for financial independence and power, the desire to measure everything with money. These people know how to dispose finansmi and often leads family budget.


Serving others to the detriment of their interests, obedience and submission, not always voluntary. Passivity and inability to make decisions and take responsibility.

When it is not necessary to change the name?

Should I change the name numerology /

If the characteristics of the name after the name change are radically different from your own, you should abandon this step. Such changes can dramatically change not only your character, but also the fate, and often not for the better.

In addition, acquiring new traits, you become a different person, perhaps, it is not the one you loved spouse. Often it is this discrepancy causes quarrels and strife in young families.

Ideally, when the number of the same name to the name change and then it's a sign that you really met the person. Sometimes you can consider the option of a double name, it can smooth out a little unpleasant traits that you will gain from a change of name.

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