Where to put a tiger mascot of Feng Shui, so that it is not gobbled owners

In Feng Shui teachings, there are four celestial animals that provide energy to the atmosphere of the house is very big impact. One of these animal - white tiger, mascot protect hearth and home. But to use force mascot predator need to carefully and correctly, so as not to bring trouble into your home instead of defending.

According to feng shui patrons people are four sacred animals: dragon, lion, tortoise and phoenix. Some of them absorb all the negativity, to protect home owners from all evil, while others attract the house wealth and happiness. Tiger - a strong, brave and noble animal - a very revered in the East, the tiger - the protagonist of many legends and myths. And it is this predator is not for nothing is one of the main symbols of Feng Shui, which is energetically must protect and defend the house, and all that dwell therein negativity.


White tiger -symbol of protection at home, housing guard against negative energy. This talisman should be near the entrance to the dwelling. Image tiger, for example, pad feet near the door the door, or the door handle with the image of an animal, if you have a private house, near the gate, and the garden can be arranged sculptures predator.

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In the old days, no wonder the rich decorated the front door of house sculptures of lions, they not only gave the mansion formidable and impressive appearance, but also served home charms from any negativity.

Image of a white tiger can successfully replace any predator from the order of the cat:lion, panther, jaguar, leopard, as well as a common house cat. If you have a cat lives - this is the best defender of the energy of your home. Cats - unusual creatures, they perfectly feel negative and positive energy flows, so easy to define favorable and unfavorable places in the house. Cats always choose for themselves the place where the flow of negative energy is concentrated, so the place where your cat loves to rest often, you go around the side, and do not place the bed, desk or bed for recreation.


Feng Shui has identified for the tiger location of the West and the element of metal. predators characters will "work" if you place them in the west, northwest and north sector of your house or apartment. If you have a private house - place the predator to the right of the entrance.

Important Notice! Predatory animal can become not only a defender of the house, but as the Chinese say "gobble up those who should protect" - if a predator image wrong place - namely, inside the home. To avoid quarrels and strife at home, place the powerful charms of Feng Shui - predators - just near the entrance to the house or garden.

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