5 wards in the bedroom, which will protect your family happiness

You can not bring harmony in your couple? Are you afraid of losing your happiness? You feel the energy of a number of envy? Then you need to put in the bedroom amulets that will protect the family from the negative.

These charms can buy or make your own hands. Ideally, you are doing them, then you will put in the subject of the energy of love, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

wedding icons
The most powerful talisman for the bedroom - wedding icons. They rescue the family from harm. Before them to pray and ask for happiness and love your pair. And when one spouse is sick, you need to light a church candle near them.

Easter Krashenki under the mattress
Our ancestors on their wedding night in bed newlyweds underlay wooden Easter Krashenki. Its paint the advance, applying a certain symbolism to attract happiness, wealth and love. Now it can be kept in bed for the same purposes.

Dolls motanki
Ukrainian dolls motanki - the most powerful talisman to attract wealth. Only they do not have to be stitched and no sharp objects in it, such as needles.

Dolls motanki guard bedroom and family green with envy and misfortune.


It symbolizes the union of man and woman. It helps to achieve a balance, enlightenment and to bring to the house of love. Medallions, drawings and any jewelry will attract into your family harmony and prosperity.

bells of love
We need to take two bell made of copper. One spouse to the other to take him. Everyone should remember the happy moments of your life together. Then they need to link the red thread, and hang in the bedroom.

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