10 wards of plants that bring good luck and protect from harm

Do you hang a horseshoe over the door, and on his wrist tied a red thread? Then you probably believe in omens and charms. Today we reveal the magical powers of certain plants and explain how they can protect you from harm.

Our ancestors had the knowledge, many of which are unfortunately lost, some of them just for plants and their unusual properties. As the most familiar plants for you can protect from the evil eyeand bring good luck and happiness in your home?


Poppy.Mack - one of the most powerful charms, flowers, which our ancestors used by witches, vampires and evil spirits. To protect your home from the impure forces, poppy planted in every garden, but the most powerful talisman is just poppy-self-seeding. If there was a plant in your home - this is for happiness and destroy it can not in any case.

Oak. Oak symbolizes a mighty force at all times to the soldiers who went to war in the pocket put a slice of oak bark, it was thought that this would give them courage, courage and incredible strength. But there is one condition to Oak "shared" his power, to be fair and not to do harm to people.

Fern. Everyone knows about the flower of fern, which are looking for in midsummer night, to fulfill the dearest wish, but, alas, it is not more than a fairy tale, as the fern will not flower. But the dry leaves of ferns are able to protect against the evil eye, improve health and contribute to the material well-being. Fill them a small cloth bag and always carry in your pocket.


Garlic. You've probably seen in the film, as the garlic scare away any evil spirits and evil spirits, and this is no accident. Garlic does possess magical and protective properties, not for nothing that our ancestors near the entrance doors hung a braid of garlic, and in his pocket was always dried clove - they believed that this will protect them from werewolves.

Mint.A strong mint flavor is not only repels evil spirits, but also draws in the house success and wealth, so our ancestors were so prized this herb: worn in amulets, kept with the money and stained with lush greenery hut.

Dill.Dill - it's not only one of the favorite spices each family, but also the strongest guardian. If above the door to hang a bundle of herbs, a person with bad thoughts will not cross the threshold of the house. Previously mother sewed dill sprigs of the lining of the children's clothes to protect them from the evil eye and bad people.


Viburnum. Kalina - a powerful talisman against the evil eye and spoilage, which is why early viburnum growing in front of each house. Previously, young women poured Kalinovoye infusion of road on which was a favorite person that his feelings do not fade away, and become even stronger.

St. John's wort. St. John's Wort is not only good for health, it also possesses magical properties. For example, if a young girl put a sprig of this plant in your pocket, you will not know besieged by suitors. In addition, St. John's wort to protect against the evil eye, not for nothing before in the cradle of the infant necessarily put a sprig of St. John's wort.

Acacia.The smell of acacia is a source of positive energy and good mood, but not only. Couples who dream about the children can put a sprig of acacia under the pillow, it is believed that this plant will help to get rid of infertility and will soon experience the joy of motherhood.

Clover.Clover has long been considered a plant that is able to protect against heart disease, so people suffering from nervous system disorders always had it with him. And the leaves of clover for luck always took with them on long trips and travel.

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