Simple tricks to add to the interior Provençal charm

Provencal style in the interior creates an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility. How to bring it into your home without the help of a designer?

Provencal style is associated with calm and unhurried life in the French countryside, a huge amount of sun and fragrant flowers, wine, light, airy dresses and straw hats. And that is what is lacking in the autumn city. Let's understand how to add them to your home the spirit of Provence, did not go back to France.

Use for interior wood

It is a tree - the material that forms the basis of olive, rustic style. The interior of it can be made cabinets, sideboards, cabinets, thus necessarily bright colors, almost white. You can also add a diagonal wooden lattice on the facade of furniture - it is ideal for the style. Such as bars can be zoned space.

Add floral motifs

Provencal style is impossible without floral patterns. It should be medium-sized (or smaller), delicate flowers, pastel colors on a light background. They can be decorated lampshades, wallpaper, bedspreads / blankets, linens, jewelry boxes, furniture upholstery, and so on. It is important not to overdo it with a floral print, so as not to turn your Provence fussiness.

Use pastel colors

For olive style is characterized by calm, pastel, natural shades of green, pink, blue, lavender and aquamarine, peach, olive and mint. At the same time a bright white in this style does not fit, it is better to use ivory, warm milk and vanilla. The main rule - it is necessary to avoid the net of bright colors, acid colors.

Fill the interior decor

The decor in the Provence style is to be unobtrusive, thematic, complementary "rural" interior. Suitable for decoration embroidered towels, a composition of fresh and dried flowers, decorative pillows with floral prints, mirrors in the corresponding frame, jewelry boxes decorated with appliances decoupage.

Pay attention to the furniture

The bulky corner sofa does not fit into the interior of the Farm. It is better to install in the living room composition from a small couch and a couple of armchairs. Also, play up your love for the Provence wicker rocking chair, stool hallway and other small pieces of furniture. Try to make small thematic composition of the furniture (couch - a floor lamp - a small table), also remember that they should not look futuristic.

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