What not to do on waning moon from October 25 to November 6, 2018

Even our ancestors followed the phases of the moon and tried to do just that in this period as possible. But you can not do much on the waning moon. Now the period of the waning of the moon, which will be from 25 October to 6 November 2018. What is it can not be done in those days, we now tell you.

So, all of us - part of the universe, and therefore must comply with its laws and must know that the waning moon all the life and energy processes are slowed down. Therefore it is necessary to properly allocate their affairs and energy flows.


Waning moon and magic

According to the laws of magic, that manages the feminine moon, family matters, and the liquid. During the Month of decrease is slowing and its influence weakened, so the impact of male power.

In addition, esoteric claim that the activity and influence of the dark forces is increasing, especially during the last quarter. Therefore, in these days you have to be extremely careful, and you can carry out cleaning and protective rituals.


What not to do on waning moon

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  • Borrow money;
  • Invest financial and material resources to new tasks and projects;
  • Planting and transplanting plants;
  • Start something new;
  • Making important purchases (eg, real estate or a car);
  • Cut their hair - they can then grow slowly, but can be painted, and can not increase the nails.

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