How to calculate the number of its wealth by date of birth: simple numerology

To get rich, you need to find the right place in my life and do his own thing. How to use the date of birth and the name of his personal wealth to calculate the code?

The figures in our lives have a special significance and influence not only our destiny, but also on the financial well-being. How Numerology helps with simple calculations to compute the number of which is responsible for the welfare of your money?

What is the personal wealth of the code /

Calculate the number of wealth is very simple, just add up all the digits of your birthday until a prime number, and then calculate the number of the name. For example: Irina was born on 27.03.1990; 2+7+0+3+1+9+9+0=31; 3 + 1 = 4 - this is the number of birth. A number of the name is easy to calculate using the table
1 - and, and, with a, b;
2 - b, d, t, s;
3 - in, k, y, s;
4 - d, l, f, e;
5 - d, m, x, w;
6 - e, n, n, i;
7 - e, o, h;
8 - f n, m;
9 - s, p, u.

Irina = 1 + 9 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 18; 1+8=9. date of birth date is now necessary to lay down a number of names 4 + 9 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4 - here is your personal code.


How to calculate the wealth code /

They are creative people who choose on their liking, they achieve material success, when neither of whom are independent. The ideal solution - your own business or a hobby that brings a good income, so they show their independence and individuality and may reveal itself.


These people are very sincere, kind, they seek to help others this is their destiny. They have the leadership skills and know how to lead people, capable of any plans to implement it alone, and then share their experiences and knowledge. The meaning and purpose of life - to benefit people, and having achieved this, they get material benefits.


Creative and talented people who can effortlessly make a good capital, but often lazy. Rather they completely absent Financial streak and the desire to get rich, they often neglect the variety of material goods. However, a high probability of unexpectedly rich received inheritance.


Numerology will help to get rich /

These people led by perseverance and hard work, it is of the effort will depend on their wealth and position in society. They are intelligent, purposeful, able to plan and confidently moving towards the goals.


These are real daredevils, lovers of risk and excitement, they are not afraid of difficulties, but on the contrary, give confidence. Alas, they alone it is unlikely that it will turn out, even if you have brilliant ideas, but if they can gather a team, then with the help and support they will implement even the most daring ideas.


To get rich, people with such a wealth of code you need to listen to your intuition, and to be attentive to the signs of the universe. If they find the source and scope of income, it is easy to achieve heights. Sometimes everything is right at their feet, you just have to consider carefully.


How to get rich /

These people do not aspire to material wealth, for them is much more important than spiritual growth and value, so they are addicted to all kinds of practitioners and academics. But often the real professionals in their field and are able to come up with a truly unique things or ideas that will bring them money.


These people are lucky in life and themselves, like a magnet, able to attract money, but there is one "but." If the purpose of their lives, they will put the material enrichment, then they will be a failure, it is important that their work has brought not only money, but also benefit people around or nature.


9 - This figure changes, which means that its media can very easily earn a lot of money and just as easily become poor. It should be a serious and responsible attitude towards money, work and relax. But do not get too hung up on money, and be compassionate and versatile man, live by the principle "earn a lot - give up easily."

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