Color in the interior of Feng Shui: how to color in the home affect your energy

The color value is difficult to overestimate, it affects not only our mood, but also on energy. What colors will bring good luck and prosperity, and which will deprive you of vitality?

House - it is not just a place in which you live, its power largely determines your life vector, so that in what colors will be decorated interior, is very important. Feng Shui Experts say that each color has a specific meaning, and therefore, if properly choose the color, you can easily bring into their lives the necessary benefits. So, what energy possess basic colors?


White color in the interior of feng shui /

White clears energy and has beneficial effects on the home environment. He has a positive effect on a person, sets it to a harmonious activity. Most often used in bathrooms and where necessary to increase the space visually.


Orange - the symbol of happiness, joy and positive emotions. It improves mood, helps to make the connection, struggling with depression and increases self-confidence. The orange shades can draw up any room in the house, but it is ideal for the kitchen and hallway, but the bedroom is to choose less bright tone.


The red color is quite dangerous, on the one hand it can bring to your home the prosperity and success, and on the other hand - the quarrels and conflicts, as it has boundless energy. It is not necessary to make out living room in red colors, and very abused with that color.


The pink color in the interior of feng shui /

Pink - the color of tenderness and romance, it helps to cope with outbreaks of anger and jealousy, brings to communicate harmony and mutual understanding.


Purple color is very elegant, it contributes to the development of intuition and inspiration, so is ideal for creative people. But to draw in violet tones living rooms are not worth it, better to leave them to the office or workshop.


Green is responsible for calm, wisdom and harmony, it improves mood, calms and relieves nervous stress, helping to relax. In this scheme, you can arrange any room in your home by choosing any color of your choice.

The black

The black color in the interior of feng shui /

Black is quite ambiguous, it symbolizes fear, mysticism, and experts of feng shui is not recommended to use it in the design of the walls, and to give preference to the details and decorative elements.


Yellow - the color of positivity and cheerfulness, and even feng shui experts say that this color can improve intellectual activity, develop imagination and fantasy. Completely draw up the room it is not necessary, but take corner in the children's room, living room or library, it is necessary.


Brown is very favorable, it is able to stabilize your emotional state, promotes financial stability, a positive influence on health and family relationships.


The blue color in the interior of feng shui /

Blue is also a very positive effect on the power of the person, it is the color of health and spirituality. The blue colors, you can make out living rooms, bedrooms, and also a place where you do meditation or yoga. But keep in mind that the blue must be diluted with some other color, otherwise there is a feeling that the walls are pressed.


It is the color of calm and peace, it gives a positive and adjusts to rest. A great option for a bedroom or living room.

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