The law of energy balance: what is it and how does it work?

energy balance law is open every day and comes to each of us: for any benefit, comes for free, will have to pay.

Esotericism argue that the law of energy balance can be represented in seven locations:

1. You can not steal energy (energy to be a vampire).

2. Do not offer free gifts.

3. Do not accept significant gifts that you have received accidentally or by mistake.

4. Do not exert good works, if a person does not ask about it.

5. Try not to take and not to lend.

6. Your actions do not violate the law of conservation of energy.

7. Strive for harmony in life.

The concern is that the positive and negative energy does not disappear from the world, they continue to exist, in order to maintain balance. For example, this way you can pay for the pain caused to someone else, and lost property can be a price to pay for your deceit.

If you find your phone, you do not give it to the owner, the future can lose something more valuable. This is how the law of energy balance.

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