How to wear a religious ring?

Every religion has its own canons concerning the wearing of jewelry.

each religion He shaped his attitude to jewelery, in particular rings. This character is so versatile that integrates Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, pagans, and so on.

Everywhere has its limitations, for example, Muslims do not consider it necessary to carry on the fingers of gold, and Buddhist faith and the basic meaning of investing in amulets.

Rings in Christianity

The most famous ring of the Christians is "Save and Protect". The ring is considered to be a constant reminder to the owner of the strength of his faith. In addition, the ring is considered to be protected from evil forces, it protects a person from sin.

Many believers question arises as to which hand should be wearing a ring "Save and Protect", responsible - on the right. Because that's what this hand is baptized believer. Wearing the ring is permitted on any of the middle fingers, wear it on the big - not accepted, although a strict ban for that in the canons there.

Sometimes rings "Save and Protect" are wedding for the couple, they can be worn together with a wedding on the ring finger.

That keep a ring in a box can not.

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