As the body tells you that you have met the most?

Sometimes the "butterflies in the stomach" arise not because of emotional love, and the universe itself pushes us to realize - that he is the same man.

esotericism argue that many such signals, it is sufficient to listen to your body and you will immediately realize who met.

sense of warmth

Because you feel good and comfortable with that person, his arms and smile make you feel better physically.


If you've been a realist or a pessimist, but now notice the good things. You subconsciously do not want to feel frustrated or depressed, so concentrate on the good things.

As the body tells you that you have met the most? /


Following the optimism comes the understanding that you can much. If you want to change your life, go for it! Ease of thinking is sent to all bodies without exception, you have time more work faster and achieve goals that before the meeting with the man, only dreaming at night. Are you working on another.


The man, who has prepared for us the universe itself, gives you an incentive to develop. You start to believe in themselves, and therefore to trust your intuition.

Training their subconscious resources, you will soon begin to rely mainly on intuition, and then to the facts; and do not lose ever.

As the body tells you that you have met the most? /

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