Autumnal Equinox Day 2019: what should be done for every woman?

From this point finishes warm and sunny half of the year, nature begins to actively prepare for the winter.

Autumnal equinox influences fate person to call into your life good luck and health, we are sure to adhere to certain rules.

Health comes first. During the waning moon of the state organism is especially important to monitor closely. In the Monday, September 23, we recommend to eat properly, give up bad products and pay attention to the sport.

Over time, the night will increase, and daylight hours decrease, and therefore we will have to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Discard the excess. On the day of the equinox is not desirable to borrow money, to indulge their whims or to return to bad habits.

Autumnal Equinox Day /

Your work should be constructive and aimed at it, get rid of that prevents you from being happy, for example, excess weight or Internet addiction. The energy of this day will help to overcome the obstacles!

Finish the cases related to the warm season. Nature in anticipation of winter, and you?

It's time to hide in swimwear drawer and finish-and-garden work. However, it is important to prepare for the winter, to get warm shoes, for example, and a sweater.

no discouragement! Everyone knows that the closer to December, we have reduced the overall tone. Psychologists point out that you can cheer yourself up with the help of good films and TV series, a cup of hot cocoa and a favorite book.

Yes, soon to walk on the street it will be quite impossible, but you will have time to enjoy a cozy evening together with loved ones on the couch.

Autumnal Equinox Day /

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