5 best talismans for good luck for September 2019

The energy is able to call things into our life a positive, luck and money. To do this, one of the 5 mascot suit in September.

Money toad. The most famous mascot for the material well-being does not lose its positions. The amulet easily attract the necessary energy to the house to money has become more and debts are gone. Remember that this money toad should be green, standing on three legs and keep the coin in the mouth!

Ring of Infinite luck. For this fit any ring, with which to perform the ritual the growing Moon: type pan of cold water, add salt and soda, when the salt is dissolved, put into the water ring. Leave it in the water for 20 minutes. So decoration clear of a foreign power!

5 best talismans for good luck in the September 2019 / istockphoto.com

Talisman of wood. Simple mascot to attract big money! The usual thing of wood able to guarantee cash flows as the poor and the rich. Amulet restores balance and safeguard against losses.

Carry it in your wallet, purse or pocket.

Green socks.

Talisman home and dear bring you good luck, if the charge it to the growing moon or bright sun.

Socks should preferably be stored in a visible but inaccessible place.

Money Tree. Such a tree in your home ensures growth of the energy of prosperity and development. It is believed that the tree will be able to encircle its wearer an aura of well-being in the office, if you put it on your desktop. Remember that under the pot should be placed yellow 7 (preferably gold plated) coins.

5 best talismans for good luck in the September 2019 / istockphoto.com

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