5 when you need to leave a child without a gift

Many children receive gifts not only on holidays. In some cases, harm the gift?

Gift for conscience 'sake

If you work a lot, and with little time to devote to a child, you probably guilty conscience. And often help calm her remorse gifts, new toys, gadgets, etc. As explained by psychologists, why it is bad.

First, wealth in its essence can not replace the intimacy, affection, parental love. The child will have a new designer, but he still will miss mom and dad. parents more often, and manipulate their own gifts, saying that we have so many things you buy, then you need to listen and do not mind, what could be discontent, if you have so many things to eat. That is the favor of the child's attempt to simply buy, surprised when it does not work.

Second, parents are thus transferred to the child model of building relationships in which the material side is superior over the rest. The only way to express their love of the grown child will see the gifts for the object of his adoration. So you can easily fall into the trap of mercantile manipulator and find true happiness and love.

Gift in response to manipulation

Children learn to manipulate their parents from the earliest years. If you give in to it, and the child receives the desired - the manipulation repeated again and again. The kid always knows on what "pain point" need to push to get a new toy. But remember that with age it needs to grow and extend beyond the toy store. Because should teach a child to that manipulation does not lead to the present.

Gift of boredom

Parents often buy the child a new toy to something his take - rather than come up with a game together with the available toys. The strategy seems to be right: the child is busy exploring new toy. But in fact, the campaign with the child to the store - a simulation together the time spent. A new toy - a simulation of your attention. Very quickly, it will bother the child, if the parents do not show how you can still play it.

A gift in someone else's holiday

Some children are very upset when someone's birthday and you have not receive and give gifts. Parents out of the situation by the fact that buying a gift and birthday and baby. But psychologists say that it is fundamentally the wrong approach.

Up to a certain age the child does not understand that giving gifts no less pleasant than to receive. But verbalize and explain it to their parents, from the first years. Maybe a few times he was very upset - but gradually accept the reality in which he received a gift, who have a holiday.

A gift as a reward

If you buy baby gifts as a reward for good grades, good behavior or something else is good - that they manipulate themselves. That is, show that your love and present her expression he has earned. The child gets used that gift and good attitude - this is not a desire to make nice, and the reward to be earned. Because of the warm relations and related transform into commodity-money.

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